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We strive to provide the highest quality of services that enhance the quality of our clients' lives and enhance their overall dating.

We offer Swedish Massage, deep tissue, sports, reflexology, aromatherapy, energy work, reflexology, and deep tissue massage to the Charlotte area. Our goal is to deliver the best of energy work, relaxation massage, massage therapy and massage therapy to you. We are located on East Main Street in downtown Charlotte. We are conveniently located by the main intersection in the Downtown area of Charlotte. We are also in the Charlotte Hills neighborhood, adjacent to the Charlotte Riverwalk.

The office is located in ancient African-American church and located just off of the Orange line at the intersection of the Orange, Orange and Orange lines. We are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday - Friday. We are also open for meditation and energy work. If you would like a session that is in the comfort of your home, office or a spa, please call or text to be on the safe side.

Also, we have a large parking lot behind our dating. We also have a small space on the second floor for smaller sessions if you have to leave your desk and computer. We believe everyone should have access to the services offered by a massage therapist. We are dedicated to providing massage treatment to each individual who walks through our doors. We hope that our services can help relieve aches and pains from injuries, stress and tension, and reduce pain as much as possible. We offer several modalities of massage such as Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, sports, and clinical. We do the best treatments we can and are committed to continuing education. Please call or email us to get more information about our services or to schedule an appointment. Our mission is to educate the public on the benefits of massage and to provide a safe and inviting environment where people can practice healing touch therapies. We have been providing services to the community since 1975.We offer therapeutic massage, bodywork and meditation retreats. Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to practice their own natural healthy self-healing practices. We are proud to be the only certified massage therapy school in the U.S. that has developed a health and wellness curriculum. I am also a certified yoga instructor, and have practiced yoga for over 20 years. Invite you to experience the healing benefits of yoga, using my hands as well as my heart. I offer my knowledge and experience to provide a safe, welcoming space for you to relax, renew, and recharge. I hope you come and experience the benefits of yoga, bodywork, and meditation. I look forward to helping you reach your wellness goals. I graduated as a Clinical Massage Practitioner with training in Structural Assessment and Manual Therapy at HealthWorks College of Holistic Health in 2000. For 8 years I worked full time in my chiropractic office before moving on again to join the Southeastern Institute Physiotherapy team where it was our job (and passion) teaching manual therapy that improved lives through healing touch. A therapist's career isn't just about treating patients but educating their clients regarding how well they are managing daily aches and pains. We are dedicated members & practitioners in the healing arts world through a journey of service that starts as a hobby with the desire/goal set on fulfilling our dating. The belief system has evolved over time because we have found ourselves living more fully each day than ever before.